Estate Agents – most are old fashioned and stuck in the past…

Most estate agencies are stuck in a time warp. Fancy offices, window displays with strings and strings of photographs hanging row on row, agents doing obligatory office duty and sitting around waiting for the phone to ring, training focused on obtaining sole mandates at all costs in order to control the stock, practising old fashioned hard selling techniques, office managers pressing for sales because they get paid accordingly, advertising in newspapers to show the world they have a bigger ad than their competitors, website ads that do not get removed when the property sells because potential buyers are sourced that way… the list goes on and on…

Sound familiar? You bet: Pam Snyman, the Principal of REDZetc, an exciting estate agency that started three years ago, says that she has been there, done that and fortunately saw the light.

After more than 30 years in real estate she came to the realisation that all of the above is still being propagated with boring and outdated practices like:

  • ‘sticking to core business’,
  • ‘not re-inventing the wheel’,
  • ‘why change something that works?’,
  • ‘it’s all about highest number of sales, not cutting commission, being the highest paid agent in the company’,
  • strict office rules that are enforced to keep order and the agents out of each others’ hair (and simultaneously stifling entrepeneurship and innovation).

This realisation inspired REDZetc.

At REDZetc we believe that each agent must be a leader who continuously observes, thinks, reflects and learns in order to understand the people that they deal with in the world around them and have what Pam calls Leadership Intelligence. In other words they need to be aware of, and in a position to deal with, daily challenges and demands like ongoing change, diversity, interdependency, communication and complexity in our ever-changing, emerging real estate world…

Real thinking estate agents are people with authenticity, realism, creativity and vision who strive to serve their clients with excellence based on values.

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