Different forms of property ownership

Most houses that form part of a residential suburb and are situated on separate stands where each stand has an erf number and its own title deed are freehold properties. This means that the owner of the stand has full ownership rights to the property. This form of ownership is registered in your name in the Deeds Office. This is proof to the whole world that you are the owner.

Some group housing complexes also consist of freehold stands.

Property can also be owned by sectional title. This normally applies to a unit in a cluster housing development, a townhouse complex or a block of flats. The owner then owns a unit that consists of one or more sections (an apartment and a garage) as well as a share in the common property. The owner is responsible for the maintenance of his section and the Body Corporate (all the owners collectively) is responsible for the common property. The right to exclusively use a specific portion of the common property (a parking bay, private garden area) may be registered in favour of a particular section.