Commitments after the Sale

Once the Offer to Purchase has been accepted by the Seller and all the conditions in the Agreement of Sale have been met, the Seller still has to remember the following:

  • Ensure that the original title deed of the sold property is available to hand to the Conveyancer and if the property is bonded, the bond account number must be made available
  • Obtain the required compliance certificates
  • Schedule a final electrical reading as well as a water consumption reading for the day that you leave the property.
  • Arrange with your service providers to transfer your telephone, security, gardening etc to your forwarding address
  • Provide your new contact details to all the relevant parties
  • Keep payments of home insurance, mortgage bond, levies, rates, taxes and charges up to date      until date of transfer

Be available to sign transfer documents when called upon to do so by your conveyancer